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Find answers below to frequently asked questions.

At what age can my child start Kindermusik?
No child is too young to start Kindermusik. Our Cuddle & Bounce classes are designed for newborn babies up to eighteen-month-olds. We offer age-appropriate classes for children ages newborn to five years. Visit our Classes page for more information.

What happens in a Kindermusik class?
Class activities vary depending on your child’s age. But most classes involve a mix of singing, instrument play, dancing and movement, storytime, and other activities. Activities are designed to develop and strengthen your child’s physical and neural functions, social-emotional skills, early literacy and early math, and much more.

How is Kindermusik different from other music programs for children?
So many reasons! Kindermusik is the original music and movement program. We have been doing this for over thirty years. While some music programs put children of all ages together in one room, the majority of our classes are geared to specific ages. This means your child experiences class with “peers” and the activities match her developmental stage—just like in school. (We do offer a Family Time class where the whole family can participate in fun and learning together.) Kindermusik is very interactive, and encourages bonding by involving parents and caregivers. Our program is based on a mix of scientific research and learning philosophies of prominent musicians, composers, and development experts. To learn more, visit the About Us page.

What happens if my child is sick or I can’t make it?
Unfortunately kids get sick and it is important to consider the well-being of other children and pregnant mums when deciding whether to attend. Due to the scheduling of classes and the limited availability, missed classes are not refunded as the class will still be taught, however, you will be allocated a make-up credit. Gift Credits are also available when you are unable to make up your missed classes (please see teacher for details).

Can my other child come along as well?
Because the class sizes are limited and due to the age appropriate nature of Kindermusik classes, non-enrolled siblings (above the age of 12 weeks) should not attend however family/multi-age classes are available for siblings. Please discuss any concerns regarding non-enrolled siblings when registering. Please enquire which class would be most suitable for your family.

What if my child misbehaves?
Like us all, children can occasionally have a bad day. If your child’s behaviour is making you feel anxious you may step aside or outside the room until he/she has relaxed. However, all children are different, some observe and others have more energy than thought possible. There is no right or wrong way at Kindermusik and we are more focused on participation than performance.

What if my child doesn’t participate in class?
Children learn in different ways. Simply because a child appears shy in class, that doesn’t mean he or she is not learning. We hear from parents all the time whose children are quiet in class, but when they get home the child sings the songs and does the activities! Just remember that the home is the most important learning environment and you are your child’s most important teacher. The classroom is intended to give you tools to bring the music and learning home.

My child has special needs. Will he or she be able to participate?
We welcome special needs children and have found they thrive in the Kindermusik environment!

Do I have to attend the classes with my child?
Most of our classes require that a parent or caregiver accompany the child. Our classes are specifically designed to spark interaction between the parent and child. You are your child’s first and best teacher, and Kindermusik tries to strengthen that bond. In our classes for older ages, the children spend most of the class with just the teacher, but parents are included in a portion of every Kindermusik class.

Can my babysitter/nanny bring my child?
We know parents today are busier than ever. If neither parent is available to attend classes with the child, than a babysitter/nanny can certainly attend class with the child. To the extent possible, we prefer that the same individual attend class each week in order to ensure the child gets comfortable with a routine and the caregiver becomes familiar with the songs and activities. The Parents can make use of the @Home materials to continue the fun learning process with their child.

Why are the digital @home materials required?
At the core of the Kindermusik philosophy is the idea that the home is the most important learning environment and the parent is the child’s best teacher. The home materials give parents the tools to extend the learning into the home. Using the home materials is the most effective way to get the full Kindermusik experience and ensure your child is truly benefitting from early exposure to music and movement.

Can I try a class first before I enroll?
Absolutely. We offer a free class preview to allow you to experience Kindermusik firsthand before you decide whether to enroll. We’re sure you’re going to love it! Simply go to the Enrol page to enrol in your Free preview class.